Standard JPFR Design Enclosures

A sturdy "J" frame construction, comes with removable top cover, side Covers also has an optional back door/cover. Suitable for drive panels, PLC panels, Rectifier panels for various heavy electrical and automation systems. It has 135 degree door opening for convenience. High quality powder coating in any desired color is available.


  • Suitable for Drive Panels, PLC Panels, Rectifier Panels, Various Electrical and Automation Systems.
  • Sturdy frame construction in CRCA 10 SWG (3mm)/ 12 SWG (2.5mm)
  • Doors, Bottom Covers in 2 mm.
  • Removable Top Covers, Side Covers in 1.6 mm.
  • Plinth, Gland Plates in 3 mm.
  • Copper Plated Earthling studs are provided on each door.
  • Special 3/4 point locking system or Cam lock will be provided.
  • Standard gasket for Door Sealing / Seamless [PU] gasket.
  • Standard gasket for door sealing / Seamless [PU] gasket.
  • Component Mounting Plates are available with Zinc plating, or Powder coating.
  • Vertical& horizontal partitions to isolate each compartment.
  • Plinth 75mm, 100 mm or 200 mm height.
  • Bus baring arrangement suitable to 50KVA will be provided for bus chambers.
  • IP 42-54 compatible norms.
  • Flexible design to accommodate any required accessories.
  • Powder coating in any desired color.
  • Accessories can be added
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